Demon Volunteers In Progress (V.I.P.)

Demon V.I.P. is a recognized student organization that allows students the opportunity to volunteer during Freshman Connection and other events sponsored by the Office of Student Success and New Student Programs. Events held include: Freshman Connection, Welcome Week, First Year Involvment (FYI) Challenge, Freshman Family Reunion, and Demons on Tour.

  • Were you involved during high school?
  • Do you enjoy volunteering?
  • Want to learn more about Northwestern State University?
  • Want to meet new people while serving the NSU community?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Demon V.I.P. could be the perfect organization for you to join!! There are many different avenues for you to volunteer and be involved during your time at N.S.U. And no need to worry, even if you are not ready to join an organization, you can still volunteer during our events.

Please click on the "Want to Join" link if you are interested in becoming a member of Demon Volunteer In Progress (V.I.P.) or if you simply would like more information about our organization.



  NSU Students supporting
programs for NEW Students!

For more information, contact First Year Experience & Leadership Development, Student Services Center 136, 318.357.5559